The ArchitectEdit

Information regarding this Proxy is yet to be known. Although, there is already speculation.

Note: -The information below is stated by the user DaemonTheDemon due to recent and many encounters with the Architect-

The Architect is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, proxy to ever roam the Earth. His current whereabouts are unknown for the time being. The Architect is shown to be a very sadistic and manipulative proxy, often finding great pleasure and joy in the torture and suffering of those he stalks.

He has a knack and large hobby of leaving riddles and clues behind for his victim in order for them to go around in circles or be led right into where he intended them to go without them ever noticing. The Architect's personal symbol or proxy symbol are decription codes comprised of strange symbols similar to runes of somewhat. Whenever a system error in any device occurs, it's a clear sign that the Architect is hacking and sending a message.

Facts and SpeculationEdit

  • This proxy may house many "others" in one form or another, within his own self.
  • It is said that he may have as many abilities as he does forms.
  • He is known to be stalking the wiki user: DaemonTheDemon.
  • The Architect also seems to show abilities of controlling his own proxies, similar to that of The Voice.
  • Information on the Architect is rare and old, meaning this Proxy could have been around for many years.
  • He personally knows HABIT. It is unknown if they are friends or just associates.
  • Further speculation of The Architect reveals a kind of collector adding to his collection.
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