Smoke (aka Joshua) is an extremely volatile and dangerous proxy. After killing his pareents at the age of  eight Slender Man took him into the proxy world. Smoke found that he was one of the slowest learning proxies, taking four full years to learn everything needed. Smoke's killings are extremely graphic, usually Satanic looking in nature. In every one of his scenes, Smoke has written "They've gone to be judged by their God now." in his victims blood. Smoke, however, is very kind towards those who have called him friend and accepted him. He is very much accepting of "worthy" people, believing they were meant to meet him for a reason. Much is known about Smokes' life to his friends, however, the truth about him is something that he will never release.


  • Smoke is currently dying of a very rare disease, he attempted to cure it, but the antidote only progressed the effects, leaving him weak.
  • Smoke has also gotten into old habits such as drinking and drugs.
  • Smoke has a love for poetry and animals, writing a little bit himself.
  • Smoke has a pet dog named Angie, she is a two year old German Sheperd.
  • Smoke has never felt more alone than now, feeling that this might be the last year he lives.


"All of you humans are exactly the same, looking for people to drive insane. You hurt me so much and I hate you all, none of you are worthy to see the great wall. This world will burn and I will be the match, I will spray the liquid and begin with the grass. You all will die, and I will smile, finish myself off as I let off a chuckle."

"Please forgive me, I know not what I do, I never meant to hurt any of you. You all were my friend and I wanted you all dead, my sanity draining and my mind filling with dread. My life is endng, I can feel deaths cold touch, I cannot believe, it would hurt this much. I love you all, but my sanity dies, I feel it leaving, my mind itching like lice. No matter what, I love you so much, please forgive me for being such a fuck. I will always love you, and never forget, I will never leave you, but I will die in my bed. Do not cry for me, do not shed a tear, for I want you to know, that I am always near. The person that will love you in your time of need, I just want to know, if you forgive me."

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