Name: Oenighet

Name Meaning: The Discord

Title: The Psychopathic

Nationality: Swedish

Chess Piece: Black Queen ♛

Proxy Type: Agent/Revenant

Serves: The Administrator

Oenighet is a member of the Collective. Her chess piece is the Black Queen, possibly making her one of most powerful member in the Collective's game. She sports a Chaser from Dream Eater cosplay, which belonged to her past self. She is described as a very insane, very disturbed woman, and will do virtually anything for her Keeper, although she hates the Black Arms with every fiber of her being.


  • Oenighet stays in the trees, and she describes them as "Shelter for another tall thing". This could point to the possibility that she only obeys her Keeper out of fear and the very real threat of pain
  • She works with Betruger
  • Her loyalty to Slenderman seems to be unending
  • Oenighet murders Fears as if they were hunting games
  • Oenighet hates every member of the Black Arms, the Observer she only works with because she has to
  • HABIT has not possessed Oenighet, as she is "too disturbed for my liking"
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