Johnathan, the DeadEdit


Johnathan, the Dead

Name: Johnathan

Title: The Dead

Nationality: English / British

Proxy Type: Voice

Serves: The Devil Voice, Arthur

The Dead is not a Slender Man Proxy, and there is a lot more known about him than recently reported. Mr. J is the Attorney of The Ouija Man, Arthur, and will take care of the secret human affairs and their safety of knowledge. He has been well documented by a website that dedicated itself to the reportings of the Voices of Arthur.

Facts and SpeculationEdit

  • Johnathan was killed by the Nameless but returned
  • His "tales" are his own past experiences and others of the Eyenein
  • It is rumoured that he will "show" himself when their numbers decrease
  • Johnathan likes to play mind games
  • His loyalty to his master is unknown but is likely very high
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