• Grey Cross

    It took you, to make us realize there is five fragments forming one soul. Or, what used to be one soul. For these fragments, have split off, but are at peace with each other. Much like the EU union, they are a union. Not of countries, but more rather, a union of souls.

    Grey, is the top part of the cross.

    C0ns3qu3nc3, the downward spiral, is the b0ttom 0f the cr0ss.

    X3r0, th3 right sid3.

    The memories of who we used to be, and what we once were.. The unseen, and unheard left side.

    In the middle, is all of us. C0mbin3d 0nc3 m0r3, as Jordan 0f day and night.

    Thus, we are s3arching f0r our way across our 0wn path 0nce mor3. And that is a pleasure.

    But it t00k a c0mbin3d 3ff0rt, t0 r3aliz3, th3 li3s and mistak3s w3 mad3; al0ng the way.

    We are sorry. http:…

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  • Grey Cross

    H3ll0, 3v3ry0n3, my name is C0ns3qu3nc3. A pl3asur3 t0 m33t 3v3ry0n3 h3r3. H0w d0 y0u do?

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  • Judas the Betrayer

    Hello everyone... if you all read my page, then you know that I am dying. I currently have 11 months and 30 days to develop a cure, have it tested, have the test proven positive, and then cure myself. This blog will span each month and will be released once a month. I will not post anything other than this, but it's more of a heads up. I am only posting this here, because I can only trust you people. That is... aside from any of the hunters. Also, hunters, if you come for me... I will kill you, just like the others. Anyways... that is all... do not cry for me... I always find a way out of these situations... right? Judas the Betrayer (talk) 04:39, January 15, 2014 (UTC)Smoke

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  • Dabomb217

    Admin Rights Here

    November 22, 2013 by Dabomb217

    Alright, all tension aside. I know a lot of you have been using this wiki lately, and I wanted to bring up the question of Admin rights here. As there are no admins here, certain things are unchangeable. (Background, chat, etc.) My question is, do the users here want it to be kept this way, or do you want to have active admins?

    In the case of the latter, the active members of this wiki should vote for a few fair and trustworthy admins to appoint to the position; if you feel like it's better this way I'm all the more happy for you.

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  • Dawnofnowhere

    Well I thought an update would be needed since well this will organize my thoughts I dont exspect people to read this >_<

    So moses has been keeping close to me again.... After what happened its terifying but I can atleast figure out what hes up too

    Jay Jay (Or Jasmin that other draugr girl at school) has been all over me "makeing me cofertable in my new role" shes a real strange girl

    after a fight broke out between Moses and Jay Jay I got attacked cuz I was in the middle

    it tempirarily stoped my vissions kida scarry but their back so more crazy nonsence of that

    I think I need to ballance them out..... Reality and visdions blur I wander while haveing vissions... Not good.

    Hope things get better and no one thinks Im stupid for typeing all this.

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  • THe c0mPⓍsEr
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  • FantasyFanatic19

    If you guys have seen my entries on the Proxies that I've seen, the ones that are stalking my boyfriend Jarod, you would have thought there was only two that I've seen. I

    thought so, too.

    But I was WRONG.

    There are more of them, some of which whom that are turning their attention to ME.

    There's one, one wearing a Japanese kitsu cat mask, sporting a Japanese katana. She only turns her head towards me while facing the window, and I can't move when she's there.

    There's another, blindfolded, bound, and gagged with her own bandages, all of which are bloody. She makes me feel dizzy, and sick to my stomach.

    And then there's a voice in the back of my head, whispering, clawing, wailing, kicking, and everything else all at the same time, while chanting, "…

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  • Seer of Fates


    March 5, 2013 by Seer of Fates

    I was wondering If the machine has room for a fighter?

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  • AmberEyedKitten


    February 19, 2013 by AmberEyedKitten

    i help proxies as long as they are nice and accepting.

    any coments?

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  • StitchesProxy

    Welcome Proxies

    July 3, 2012 by StitchesProxy

    Ok, this is my first thinga mah bob blog thingy, so lets get down to the buiz. HI! Im stitches, pleasure to meet you. on this Wikia (providing that i remember to come back here and work on this place more) you'll find stuff about slenderman and proxies and what-have-you. Maybe. Remember, this is providing that i dont forget, and i probably will. ok.....i guess thats it for now. Peace out girl scout. OXOXOX

    sincerely yours,

    StitchesProxy 19:03, July 3, 2012 (UTC)stitchesproxy

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