Name: Betruger

Name Meaning: Deceptor


Title: The Deciever

Nationality: German

Chess Piece: Black Bishop ♗

Proxy Type: Agent/Revenant

Serves: The Administrator

Betruger the Deciever is a member of The Collective. He completes the Collective's chess board, along with his companion, Oenighet the Psychopathic. He sports a WWII gas mask, and a black hoodie. Although he isn't too thrilled about it, he serves The Observer's Keeper, and accepts his fate as a Proxy until his session ends. He is currently stalking Jarod[PhazonGumball23], and has in fact possessed him on certain occasions.


  • Betruger was formerly a German, but he was an Anti-Nazi
  • Betruger hates Deadhead
  • Betruger's loyalty to the Slenderman is fairly strong
  • Betruger appears when a person's anxiety and frustration increases to a very high rate
  • Betruger and his Keeper's Fears avoid eachother
  • HABIT has possessed Betruger
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